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Air Filters and High Humidity Levels

High moisture and humidity levels┬ácan make us feel hot and sticky, which adds to the foul scents in the home. When we bring down the temperature of our aerating and cooling to battle that “sticky” feeling, the outcomes are “chilly and moist.”

Many of us think high stickiness happens in the summer months. However, the most vital circumstances of the year to address dampness issues are the spring and fall when temperatures are direct (aerating and cooling aren’t required) and high open-air moistness levels. Mechanical ventilators address these awkward circumstances viably and productively and will make your home agreeable year-round.

As indicated by the Environmental Protection Agency, for most extreme solace, indoor relative moistness (RH) should be in the vicinity of 35% and half. We can not adequately control indoor dampness with a ventilation system/cooling framework alone. Ventilation systems cool a local area on a temperature setpoint. On the … continue reading