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Air Conditioners: Process of Producing Cool Air

Over the years, air conditioners have changed and improved for better and reliable comfort. These improvements include better efficiency and less energy costs. As manufacturers continue on enhancing these appliances, the basic principle doesn’t really change. And if you are an owner of one of these highly needed appliances, then it is important to know and understand the process of how they produce cooled air.

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Air conditioner’s cooling cycle:

Before we dive into how it starts working, know that the process is dependent on some of matter’s basic properties. One of which is when evaporation occurs in one substance. As it turns to gas, it’ll absorb the heat from its surrounding air. Now when the gas condenses or turns to liquid, then it will release that heat. With these two processes combined (condensation and evaporation), an air conditioner is able to transfer a heat from one area … continue reading