New Central Air Conditioner

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Are you putting off repairing your home air conditioning unit?

Most people usually try to put off seeing the doctor at the last minute. By then, they become gutsy enough to share all the issues that are bothering them for a while now. It is also the perfect time for them to get everything else checked since they’re already there. In all honesty, a checkup at the doctor very much resembles repairs done at home. A lot of homeowners prefer to delay plumbing repairs, or even that of their roof shingles or their heating and cooling unit, up to the last minute. By the time the AC repairman arrives, he’ll have to work on plenty of neglected issues.


At some point, your AC or furnace will no longer work. You can try getting repairs for years, but those are just temporary fixes. And because your AC and furnace pass through the same ductwork, you’ll likely be tempted to replace your furnace at the same time as you install your new central air conditioner.

Here are the pros and cons of doing this one-time big-time investment:

MORE EXPENSIVE – On of the biggest challenge when changing both your furnace and AC installed simultaneously is the sum of money you have to shell out up front. Hopefully, you’ll be able to avail government incentives in doing so. But if you have to pay it all on your own, it’ll be hard for you to come up with the money to pay for both pieces of equipment all at once.

You can also try borrowing some loans or equity to come up with the money, but then, you still need to pay it after a certain period. After all, you won’t likely incur any additional expense from your AC or furnace since you usually have a guarantee that it will work without encountering any issues for a long while. Sometimes, even after the warranty expires. Even Furnace Repair  can benefit from issuing such a dual unit.central air conditioner

LOWER DOWN COST OF INSTALLATION – although you might reconsider replacing both all at once, and then you’d save more money because you only have to pay one installation fee. Think about what it will be like to pay for separate installations. For instance, you’ll pay for the equipment and its corresponding installation charge when you have a furnace installed this year. After two years, your AC falters. Then, you have to buy a new one and pay for another installation. If both were bought and installed simultaneously, you could save on another installation. There are even a few companies that will waive the installation cost as an incentive for buying a dual unit.

PREMATURELY REPLACE YOUR EXISTING UNIT – A major concern on the simultaneous replacement of your units is the fact that one of them don’t need a replacement yet. But then, you actually won’t know when an AC or a furnace will finally expire because some can still function even though it is way past its lifetime. You might make the mistake of throwing away a pretty good piece of appliance that could still serve you plenty more years to come, and even might still be covered by your unit’s warranty. It is a risk only you must make because you really can’t tell when your unit will break down. You might even end up having to pay for another installation the next month that you have the chance to avoid fairly recently.

THE ASSURANCE OF COMPATIBLE UNITS – you’ll find an exterior and interior cabinet with your central AC. The condenser and the compressor are in its exterior portion. On the other hand, the evaporator coil and the air blower is situated inside, and the furnace also uses both. You can be assured of a well-matched working unit if you decide to replace both your furnace and AC simultaneously. Think about this, if you only replace one, you’ll end up with an unmatched system. It loses its efficiency since your old unit (either of the two) struggles to keep up with the new one (again, either of the two). While it is understandable that you are trying to save money, you might actually compromise the existence of the new one having to keep up with an old unit. Mismatched units go through a lot of stress, which is why some companies will not issue a full warranty on a new unit paired with an old one.

FACE THE FACT THAT YOU MIGHT NEED TO SIMULTANEOUSLY REPLACE THEM BOTH ONCE AGAIN – The analogy of buying your entire work pants all at once sends the same message. Over time, you’ll have to change them all at once again rather than have a diverse combo of old and new work pants. It is exactly the same thing with your AC and furnace. Although you might save money for quite some time, you are still faced with the probability of both units wearing out together. By then, you have to shell out a lot of money once again around the time you just paid them off. What’s advisable is to have either one replaced every five to seven years.

GET AN UPGRADE ON HIGHLY EFFICIENT UNITS – Furnace company offers the chance to buy upgraded and “green” units when you buy your furnace and AC simultaneously. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to save on energy bills, minimize carbon footprint and qualify for tax breaks, even if only for one year.