Air Filters and High Humidity Levels

High moisture and humidity levels can make us feel hot and sticky, which adds to the foul scents in the home. When we bring down the temperature of our aerating and cooling to battle that “sticky” feeling, the outcomes are “chilly and moist.”

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The greater part of us think high stickiness happens just amid the late spring months, at the same time, truth be told, the most vital circumstances of the year to address dampness issues are very the spring and fall when temperatures are direct (aerating and cooling isn’t required) and open air moistness levels are high. Whole continue reading

Detect Fires Early Using Smoke Detectors

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The winter season in Canada can be brutally cold. Thus, Canadian families should invest in something that will keep them warm through the winter. Some families may have a boiler, others a woodstove, or a furnace, or heat pump. The modern home relys on modern indoor heating systems that can comprise of air conditioning units, smoke detectors, and other features. However, the system can malfunction if not well maintained and the smoke detector a common element in the system that is often overlooked.

This piece offers some insights on smoke detectors and their importance in homes.

The Risks Associated with Heat and Your AC System

Many of the home fires … continue reading

How to Prevent Air Conditioner Breakdowns

Now  that the spring is here and summer is on its way, it’s time to inspect the air conditioner.  If you want your air conditioner to run efficiently when the warm days hit us, then you need to ensure that the AC filters, coils and fins are properly serviced.  If not, you risk unnecessary breakdowns and high utility costs.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, regularly replacing your AC filters is the easiest and most critical task for running at maximum capacity. Dirty air filters prevent normal airflow and significantly reduce its efficiency. Moreover, a clogged air filter allows unfiltered air carrying dirt to enter the evaporator coil, … continue reading

Common Central AC Problems & How to Fix Them

air conditioner repairNow that spring is here and summer is around the corner, it’s time to assess your central air conditioner to make sure it’s ready for the hot summer days.  If you can detect problems early, you can prevent damage to your AC and large repair bills.According to Bob Boldt, the biggest culprit is dirty air filers.

Unless cool air can pass freely through your filter, your system must work harder to deliver the desired temperature thus adding to its wear and tear. To prevent that added stress, check your filter regularly and clean or replace it as needed.

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New Central Air Conditioner

Most people usually try to put off seeing the doctor at the last minute. By then, they become gutsy enough to share all the issues that are bothering them for a while now. It is also the perfect time for them to get everything else checked since they’re already there. In all honesty, a checkup at the doctor very much resembles repairs done at home. A lot of homeowners prefer to delay plumbing repairs, or even that of their roof shingles or their HVAC system, up to the last minute. By the time the repairman arrives, he’ll have to work on plenty of neglected issues.

At some point, your AC … continue reading

The Importance of Spring HVAC Services and AC Maintenance

Whenever spring rolls around, it means that you have to jump into all of the fun projects that you have planned outdoors that have been on hold all winter long. You may be thinking about barbecuing, gardening or simply getting outdoors so that you can really enjoy the warm weather and fresh air. However, it is important that you remember to take care of some of the essential HVAC services within your home before the real warm weather hits us.

Find out if your HVAC system could be making your family sick.

Tune Up That Cooling System

It goes without saying that your AC system is going to be in … continue reading

Benefits of Contracting HVAC Maintenance Agreement

In order to ensure that your home’s HVAC systems is free of issues and working properly it is important that you allow professionals to provide regular maintenance. When signing up for services make sure that the company which you are signing agreement contracts with offers regular HVAC maintenance services at discounted rates.

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HVAC maintenance service agreements offer several benefits such as:

They Will Take Care of Reminding You

It can be quite difficult to keep track of everything that has to be done in your home. By permitting a service company to take care of your maintenance needs you … continue reading

Why You Should Install Whole-Home Air Purification Units

Over the recent past, matters of quality of life have been thrust into the forefront. An ever increasing number of us is concerned about the quality of food and water that we consume and for a right reason. Considering that we consume as much as 5 to 7 pound of food and water, these two elements greatly influence the quality of life that we lead.

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However, people should be more concerned about the quality of air that we breathe in considering that humans breathe in anything between 30 to 40 pounds of air a day. The quality of air … continue reading

Air Conditioners: Process of Producing Cool Air

Over the years, air conditioners have changed and improved for better and reliable comfort. These improvements include better efficiency and less energy costs. As manufacturers continue on enhancing these appliances, the basic principle doesn’t really change. And if you are an owner of one of these highly needed appliances, then it is important to know and understand the process of how they produce cooled air.

Air conditioner’s cooling cycle:

Before we dive into how it starts working, know that the process is dependent on some of matter’s basic properties. One of which is when evaporation occurs in one substance. As it turns to gas, it’ll absorb the heat from its … continue reading

The Edge of an HVAC Tech Certified by NATE

Whatever your heating and cooling needs, it is crucial to select a reliable HVAC technician.  This is especially true if you require a new HVAC unit installed since your new appliance will simply not work properly if it’s not installed properly.  One way to make sure everything is done right the first time is to go with a NATE-certified HVAC tech.

The non-profit organization, the North American Technician Excellence (NATE), offers certification to HVAC technicians practicing in North America. To qualify for NATE certification, technicians must pass multiple tests that prove their industry knowledge and skill set.

After everything is done, NATE issues certification to HVAC techs who passed the … continue reading