Repair vs Replace Furnace

common furnace questionsRepair vs replace furnace is a commonly asked question. The list of questions of whether or not you need to get your home furnace fixed by an HVAC Pro could unluckily be a concise one for homeowners, especially if you are in the midst of winter’s cold spell. And while a furnace repair may be inevitable, most homeowners are not thrilled to face the reality of having to spend more money on buying a furnace, mainly when the holidays are just around the corner or when a lot of industries are in the slow season.

The good news is that puddle of water around the furnace does not always necessitate installing a new gas furnace. Sometimes all you need are minor repairs that can help your furnace get back on track and withstand the cold winter and hopefully a few more winters before it finally kicks the bucket. If you are in total confusion as to what resolution is best for your heating system, these 5 furnace questions should help you answer: repair vs replace furnace.

How OId is the Furnace?

There is no amount of TLC that can make anything in life last forever – and that includes your heating or cooling system. Even if you have spent all your effort and time making sure that your furnace is in its best shape and is regularly maintained, there will still come a time when your furnace decides to break down and just dies on you. Experts say that a furnace’s lifespan ranges from 15 – 20 years on the average and homeowners who get more than that could simply be really lucky. That being said, as your furnace ages, you can expect to have more frequent repairs until you get to a point where you know your furnace has run its last course. Similar to having an old car, anyone can put up with the bills and expenses just to keep your car running; however, at some point you will know that the best and cheaper option is to have it replaced. On the other hand, if your system is prematurely malfunctioning, you could check on your unit’s warranty or prepare to pay for you to maximize the life out of your furnace.

Are Repair Bills Piling Up?

Another question to ponder on when you are stuck in between getting a furnace repair or a furnace replacement is the amount of money you spend on service calls and repairs. If you have had several service calls to get your furnace to work as it used to but end up scheduling for yet another service call just to get the heat that your home requires, it might be high time to get your home a new furnace instead. In most cases, getting your furnace replaced with a more efficient one could actually provide the heat that your home requires, help lower utility bills, and save you some cash in the long run.

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Is the Furnace Heating At All?

Let’s face it. Some unusual noises from your heating system can be ignored by putting on a good pair of headphones, but when the furnace isn’t doing its heating job as it should you know pretty well this is something that should not be disregarded. A furnace that does not heat at all can expose you, your family, and your property to the dangers of the brutally cold winter. And while some repairs may get your furnace to heat your home again, constant break down and inefficiency should tell you that you need to get your unit replaced.

What is the Furnace’s Physical Condition?

Homeowners should also consider looking at the physical state of the furnace so you can decide if you need a replacement. The internal components of a furnace are usually replaceable; however, when the outside parts fall victim to breaking down and oxidation problems due to exposure to elements that lead to corrosion, this can be a clear indication that you need a new one. It’s like having a car from the 80’s with an engine that still runs smoothly but with a rusted out body. Because you never know when the car is going to disintegrate while you drive it, the most sensible solution is to get a replacement.

What Do the Experts Say?

If unsure of what to choose between getting a replacement and having the furnace scheduled for another repair, you can always rely on your trusted furnace company’s assessment on the matter. Give them a call and let them do an inspection of your unit and everything else connected to it. Most HVAC companies will keep you informed if they can still salvage your unit and extend its life for about 4 – 5 years more or if your unit has been running on borrowed time and needs a complete overhaul. Not only will HVAC contractors do an assessment of your unit but they can also provide an energy audit for your home. These tips can help save you from any kind of heating stress in the future.

All these questions should help you decide repair vs replace furnace. Any kind of repair or unit upgrade could be beneficial to the homeowner especially with the right choice of HVAC contractor and the option of having energy-efficient units that lower utility bills. So the next time your unit breaks down, think of it as a blessing disguised in the form of trouble and realize that it might only be the sign you need to get you and your family the comfort that you need and the all the savings you can get.